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Terms & Conditions  

1. General

  • Once an order is confirmed and cooked no cancellations are allowed.

  • 1.2.
  • Unless the order explicitly states otherwise DELIVERY CHARGES always apply.

  • 1.3.
  • DELIVERY CHARGES can be varied (UP or DOWN) from time to time without notice. Night time orders (after Midnight) usually incur a higher charge.

  • 1.4.
  • We will in exceptional cases deliver OUTSIDE OUR NORMAL RADIUS, but food may take a lot longer than usual to arrive and delivery charges will increase accordingly.

  • 1.5.
  • We reserve the right to DEMAND LEGAL PAYMENT for goods once delivered or in case of rejected or fraudulent card payments.

  • 1.6.
  • Promotions are reviewed without notice and may be withdrawn. Promotions may not be abused.

  • 1.7.
  • We strive to cook food to a high standard. In cases where you are less than satisified we will re-deliver a fresh order (which must be paid for in full) subject to manager approval. The original food must be returned. WE WILL NOT RE-COOK FOOD which is found to be of a reasonable standard thereby voiding your right to a fresh order.

  • 1.8.
  • Subject to the DELIVERY/REFUNDS terms, CUSTOMERS must strive to order WITHIN OPENING HOURS, as NO REFUND will be given for a CARD ORDER placed outside OPENING HOURS. Any customer who becomes threatening or abusive may have their account suspended or terminated.

  • 1.9.
  • Our aim is to ensure you receive delicious hot food. If the takeaway you ordered from is closed and/or is refusing to deliver the food we reserve the right to send your order to an alternative takeaway.

  • 1.10.
  • ABUSE POLICY -- we try to promote a culture of fairness and courtesy. Things go wrong from time to time but we try our best to resolve these speedily and politely. As a user of our site we ask you to respect our right to provide a service to you without fear of threats or abusive language. We reserve the right to remove and bar any user who uses threatening or abusive language to any member of staff of HOTFOOD.NET. Furthermore we reserve the right to ignore and delete any emails with threatening or abusive content.

  • 1.11.
  • CASH ORDERS POLICY - whilst most people are trustworthy, any customer who places cash orders and then doesnt answer phone or door or claims to have no money or lies about paying by card or who says they never ordered may be subject to a permanent BAN from the site. In some cases we will disable your ability to pay by cash and you will have to pay by CARD only so that a level of trust can be regained. Any old cash orders will need to be settled also as the takeaway / site has lost time and money in making of the food.

  • 1.12.
  • HOAX/DODGY/FRAUDULENT ORDERS -- any user found to be misusing the site to place hoax orders or who places orders but gives false or erroneous information or who refuses to answer phone or door when food is delivered, or who receives food but does not pay for it, either wilfully or otherwise, will have their accounts disabled and be BARRED from the system. In the event of non-payment on the receipt of food this will also result in a permanent BAR from this site. If payment is made at a future date along with an apology and a promise to not repeat the behaviour we will then re-open your account. If it happens a 2nd time then you will be PERMANENTLY BARRED from this site no ifs no buts. To re-open your account you will need to email us through the website.

  • 1.13.
  • ACCOUNT CREATION / DELETION / RE-CREATION -- any user found to be creating multiple accounts to abuse offers or for any other reason may have their access restricted or terminated at any time. We ask that you try to only create 1 account (on 1 email address) and use the Password Forgotten feature to prevent creating of new accounts. As per GDPR and our Privacy Policy we can delete your account at your request but we ask that you only re-create 1 account if you choose to register on the site again. If you ask to delete an account for a 2nd time we reserve the right to bar you from registering on the site in the future; in which case Guest Accounts will be the only option available as and when we add it.

  • 1.14.
  • GENERAL -- Use of the site is subject to the acceptance (read or unread) of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which may be amended from time to time. If you are unhappy with any of our terms and conditions then DO NOT USE THE SITE.

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